Anavar-bulking or cutting steroid

Anavar or what else it is being called oxandrolone is, in reality, a steroid that is a derivative from dihydrotestosterone. Structural changes have, of course, been added to allow the steroids better potency. Anavar falls into the category of C17-aa steroids and the intake is done orally. The first release of anavar dates back to 1969 and the reason why was to treat huge weight loss and osteoporosis (bone loss). Later, it was banned by the food and drug administration. Anavar has a reputation as one of the most expensive anabolic steroids on the market. That is the sole reason why this product does not have huge popularity. There are numerous anabolic steroids that can get the job done even better for far less money. The life-span of anavar is around eight hours which means that it needs to be taken two times a day to get the most benefits. When it comes to the doses, the male part of the users is advised to take around 45 milligrams per day for a period of twelve weeks. For the more serious and experienced users, there is a dose around 75 mg a day and the harsh side effects can still be avoided. For women, the starting dose is around 10 mg a day and it can go to about 25 milligrams. There is a rumor that if you take grapefruit with anavar you will improve some aspects of the drug. For instance, the compound will not get metabolized. Let’s talk a bit about why is it considered a „girl“ steroid.

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Anavar for women

There is saying that the anavar is for women. The reason behind that saying is simple, the mild nature of these anabolic steroids. The ratings of it are some of the lowest among all other steroids further proving that anavar for women is not just a saying. Because of the good anabolic to androgenic ration, there is a smaller chance of virilization which women should look for in steroids. Doses are also being kept on the low to try and avoid this process. It is very simple if you increase the dose you are simultaneously increasing the risk. Some of the benefits that a woman can expect from anavar are the hardening of the muscle tissue along with lean muscle mass being increased. Strength is also something that is going to increase. Water retention is avoided and you can expect that the muscles will be preserved during caloric deficits. Aromatization will not happen and it is proven that hepatoxicity is lower than in most other anabolic steroids. It is important for the new users that the first dose is small so you can see how well your body react to the steroids. A typical cycle of anavar for women is from four to six weeks and the results will come fast. If you increase the dose, you must be sure that your body is ready. Lastly, the important thing to do after a cycle has finished is to take a 6-week break before starting again. Next, we will talk about the general results that you can expect from this product.

Anavar results

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If you were wondering about anavar results, here we mention some key results that you can expect before you buy steroids. Fat loss is the first result that you can achieve with this drug. Abdominal fat is being reduced a ton and it even outshines Winstrol in terms of belly fat loss. Because of this, you can understand why numerous models and fitness athletes like to utilize it. It is also said that if you eat to gain weight, you will cut better. Following the fat loss, you can also expect a strength increase. You can gain a lot of strength without gaining any muscle mass. That is done by contraction of the muscles while training. If you are experiencing muscle loss, this product might be right for you due to its medical use. Besides the medical use, the athletes like it because of the small loss in muscles while in the cutting stages of the training. That means that you can be on a diet which is putting you in a caloric deficit but without the loss of muscle tissue. Lastly, you need to realize that on anavar, you will feel amazing. The reason behind that is that nutrients are delivered in greater amounts, muscles get a bigger oxygen supply, etc. There is no doubt that you will feel like a superman on this medicine. Next topic is somewhat sketchy because we are going to talk about side effects which are everyone’s least favorite topic when it comes to steroids.

Anavar side effects

When it comes to anavar side effects, you need to understand that even mild steroids can result in serious and unwanted problems. Problems like oily skin, acne, male pattern baldness, skin discoloration, vomiting, headaches, etc. These are some of the more common problems that may occur but in case they worsen you need to seek medical advice quickly. It is always said that your health specialist has judged that the benefits outweigh the problems that can happen. For male users, these are some of the more serious anavar side effects:

• Trouble during urination
• Breast tenderness
• Prolonged erections

These erections can be really nasty since they can last up to 4 hours which is insane. There is no question that you should stop the course immediately if this happens. Sperm development can also be affected and the fertility is being lowered. For female users, virilization problems are present. Some of the signs that virilization is happening are:

• Irregularities in your menstrual periods
• Enlarged clitoris
• Facial and body hair growth
• Deepening of the voice

There is also a constant risk of heart problems with the utilization of this product. There are a few symptoms that you should keep an eye on, and some of them are:

• Swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles
• Unusual tiredness
• Shortness of breath when you lay down

Allergic reactions are not likely to happen, but in case of these symptoms, you better seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms are trouble when breathing, dizziness, swelling of the throat, swelling of the face and tongue, rash and itchiness. You should understand that these are not all possible problems that can happen, you can ask a professional for more information before you start the utilization of these anabolic steroids. If you are wondering where to find anabolic steroids for sale, check our blogs and websites as they will inform you about everything.