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Currently, in the market there are many medications and each one of them has different effects. Whether you take steroids to increase your muscle mass or to heal some pain, the medications are able to help you have a better life and feel healthy. Today you will learn how to buy Dianabol, a medicine that is revolutionizing life. From giving you a bulky appearance, muscle mass and weight gain, increasing the number of testosterone, faster recovery rate all the way to stimulating the loss of fat.


  1. Introduction to Dianabol
  2. Dianabol pills
  3. Dianabol cycle
  4. Dianabol side effects
  5. Dianabol results
  6. Benefits on Dianabol
  7. Dianabol dosage
  8. Buy Dianabol

Intoduction to Dianabol

dianabol chemical structure

Dianabol is an oral anabolic developed in Germany and has been in circulation in the United States since 1960. The company responsible for distribution is Ciba Specialty Chemicals. As such, Dianabol is a chemical substance that creates a great metabolic effect on proteins since it promotes synthesis by increasing muscle tissue.

Bodybuilders are the ones that most utilize Dianabol due to the great results that have the possibility of increasing their muscle mass and thus improve their performance in the different tests they perform.

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On the other hand, it is also used mainly to treat diseases with patients that require an anabolic effect as well as to increase their protein synthesis by some condition that makes them require general strengthening.

Now, Dianabol is the old name for the oral steroid Methandrostenolone. From the Ciba brand. It is a derivative of testosterone that gives strong anabolic properties and moderately androgenic properties. Since it was available in the 60s, it was one of the most used favorites. This was due to the fact that it is extremely effective and easy to use.

With Dianabol, you can gain 5 to 7 kilos of muscle in 4 weeks, but you must follow the diet and the routine of weights with discipline, it is not a miracle drug, but you must occupy different habits to observe the results.

The way in which it works is very simple. This drug is responsible for improving the body’s ability to retain hydrogen, the chemical element used by cells to synthesize proteins and generate muscles. Methandienone allows you to develop the lean muscle mass that promotes endurance and increases physical strength.

On the other hand, it also has a psychological effect of greater power and endurance. Automatically, when you start the usage, you will surely start writing down its effects. The growth of muscle mass will be noticed between four and six weeks after having begun to consume daily doses.

Which is better, Dianabol or Testosterone? This is a question that several people ask themselves. And although both are agents to quickly gain muscle mass and strength, but the medicine we talk about today was the first oral steroid synthesized after testosterone.

The advantages of it over testosterone are its rapidity of effects, ease of obtaining, oral intake and lower price. Bodybuilders are delighted with all the results that this medicine has given them especially when they take them while they keep a special diet and go to the gym.

Today you will know all the basics regarding Dianabol so that you are aware of everything this medicine can do. So you can make a decision yourself.

Dianabol pills

That kind of anabolic steroids is very popular due to all the results that you have been giving. The way in which Dianabol pills work is exceptionally fast and each time the doses are much more efficient.

The half-life of the medicine, once you consume the pill, will be between three to five hours. A relatively short period. Worse, that means that a single daily dose will produce a variable level of blood, with highs and lows during the day.

That is why Dianabol pills has the option to split the tablet during the day or take them all at once. The usual recommendation has been to divide them and try to regulate their concentration in the blood. Even this may produce a lower peak than if the tablets were all taken at once.

On the other hand, it is one of the most popular steroids in the world so you can find a great variety of preparations on the black market. In fact, this drug is one of the most falsified and is also one of the most presentations.

For example, Animal Power recently released its own version of Dianabol in the form of Methane Tabs in Mexico. These are methandrostenolone 10mg that are packaged in 100 tablets for each glass bottle. For its part, Pet’s Pharma is another new design brand in the anabolic steroid scenario that sells two versions of methandrostenolone. One is injectable and the other is an oral standard presentation.

These Dianabol pills come in a presentation of 25 mg distributed in bottles of 100 tablets. As you know, you it also comes in a presentation of 10 mg tablets or in 10 or 25mg capsules as well. It all depends on the availability that is in the pharmacy to which you go.

The way in which you can get it can vary a lot. For example, you may not get a bottle with 100 tablets but a simple plastic bottle with50 or more tablets come from. This varies even depending on when you buy this anabolic steroid.

A batch of Dianabol of a thousand tablets of 5mg can cost $ 150, that is, 15 cents for each tablet. In comparison to other legal products that can reach a cost of 67 cents for each tablet. The price of its pills can vary depending on the demand in the area, the provider and other commercial variables.

Dianabol, as an anabolic steroid, is advisable to buy it having a doctor’s prescription or relying on the supplier with whom you are treating. If you have a medical prescription, you will surely receive pills from D-Bal 5/5 or even D-Bal MAX – 4/5. Even so, you must be very careful since the obtaining of this type of anabolic steroids is controlled and closely monitored by the relevant authorities.


Dianabol cycle

The uses of Dianabol involve a high estrogenic activity so gynecomastia is a constant concern during its use and can even occur in the early stages of the cycle.

The cycles that are applied to take this anaerobic steroid will greatly influence the side effects that may occur. For example, the effect on the breasts or water retention can be quite a problem if the cycles are not taken properly. This is why there are many ways to start a Dianabol cycle without having to be totally exposed to so many side effects.

First of all, the cycles must be maintained for short periods, usually less than eight weeks of life to avoid causing any noticeable damage. Something interesting to know if you practice and want to utilize Dianabol is that athletes have been able to develop along with several experts their own cycles to take this drug in good shape.

Athletes at least wonder how 100 tablets of 5 mg should be cycled since it is the only form of presentation available for use. Although most prefer to cycle at least 2000 tablets, half of this amount can be used successfully for a mini cycle. But so, the goal should be to take an effective amount but also lengthen it as much as possible.

This can be achieved by taking four tablets during the week, Monday through Friday, obtained by doing it on weekends. This gives you a weekly total of 20 tablets, lasting 100 tablets for five weeks, which should be long enough to have remarkable results.

It is not necessary several doses during the cycle, this method will provide much more consistent gains compared to a pyramidal dose schedule. The best results of the anabolic steroid cycle are obtained with a previous development without supplements of two to three years. This will prepare the musculature and the organism for the start of the steroid phase.

The most advisable thing is that, before you start the Dianabol cycle, you have a maximum of 14% body fat. If you are above that level, you must enter the appropriate range for exercises and diet.

Another important aspect that must be taken into account before starting a Dianabol cycle is age. There are 50-year-old bodybuilders who look great by combining their anabolic steroid cycles with weight routines. The use of these products can be safe up to 70 years if the person is healthy and is in shape, however, should be ingested prudently.

It does not matter if you are a bodybuilder or if for medical reasons you have to take Dianabol. You can do it in a legally controlled manner in most countries. What happens, and that there are already legal formulas that guarantee the same results without running any risk. You can start your cycles orally or as your doctor recommends.

Any Dianabol cycle should be started with all the care of the world and if it is under medical supervision, much better.


Dianabol side effects

As with any other medication, consuming Dianabol can cause side effects. This drug may affect a part of your liver or even influence your cardiovascular system and, of course, the metabolism of fats. Be that as it may, these side effects occur when there is an abuse of the remedy.

Side effects will always be present, therefore lets see what they are, as they can reach several intensity with which they occur. Depending on the cycle you are applying to your body, the side effects will manifest themselves. If you get to abuse, surely you will notice discomfort or even unwanted changes in your body.

In this way, not only the intensity of the side effects of this anabolic steroid can vary. The duration is one of the most changing factors in people due to the doses they have or the way in which their body metabolizes the chemical compounds.

Dianabol side effects can be several and in each person, they manifest themselves differently. There are even times when not all appear but a few. While there are people who do not face any kind of secondary effect, some of the side effects can be:

Fatty liver

If you take very large doses of a steroid or consume it for a long time, your liver may be quite affected and even go fat. This is dangerous since the liver is a crucial organ for detoxification of the human body and fulfills different vital functions.


Consuming steroids in doses that are not convenient for your body, will make you suffer from acne. You may have many pimples on your face and these leave lesions on your cheeks, forehead, and nose. They can even become infected if you do not give them the proper treatment. Therefore, monitor the state of your face while taking it.

Baldness in Men

The chemicals in steroids may have an impact on your hair. Premature baldness in men is sometimes caused by the anabolic steroids they are consuming and that is why hair loss is imminent forcing them to wear caps for a long time. But do not be scared, as long as you take the right dose for the right amount of time, your hair will stay where it should be.

Increase in Water Retention

Anabolic steroids are famous for this. And the idea is to increase muscle mass and even get more weight, but if you neglect this can mean a big problem. Water retention has serious long-term consequences for your body such as the failure of several organs and a lack of control of your normal weight. In addition, you run the risk of your metabolism changing forever.


This is the name given to man’s breasts that look like women’s breasts. It is one of the most common side effects and it is even one of the most worries they bring in men.

Cardiovascular effects

An increase in blood pressure is very common and therefore, there is a greater risk of suffering a heart attack, a stroke and even severe chest pain as the most extreme. This side effect is, in fact, one of the most important and the reason why the emphasis is always on taking the correct dose.

Other side effects

Dianabol side effects are several and you may never get to experience any as well as maybe you will. Be that as it may, knowing about its effects is necessary so that you are always informed. Other effects can be an increase in the possibility of developing liver cancer or infertility. You can also lose the ability to produce testosterone if you are not careful depression can also be present.

Other effects can be the increase of bad cholesterol in the body, contraction of testicles, weakening of the heart, increased aggressiveness and growth of body hair in unwanted places.

It should be noted that the negative effects can occur more frequently when the compound is not consumed in one of its legal presentations. That’s why always try to buy steroids from authorized pharmacies and with your own prescription.

Dianabol results

Do not let all these side effects scare you. Taking Dianabol in any of its legal forms is completely safe since there are even drugs that have reduced the risk of suffering any of these side effects to 0.1%.

It is an excellent anabolic steroid as it aids in enhancing the body’s ability to retain hydrogen and thus synthesize more proteins that will help you generate muscles. Methandienone favors the development of lean muscle mass that helps endurance and increases physical strength.

Dianabol results puts at your disposal are based on a quick gain of muscle mass and strength. Its quick effects and its ease of obtaining are the best part of everything since the benefits are seen immediately.

The gain in body weight will be between one and two kilos per week, a higher rate than any other similar product can provide, after four to six weeks of steroid use. The higher body weight will be formed by an increase in muscle tissue and an increase in fluid retention.

Something you should know is that it is advisable to take Dianabol along with some antihypertensive as water retention can raise blood pressure and cause heart palpitations problems.

The main benefits of the Dianabol results are based not only on a massive gain in muscle but also on a greater strength to lift weight. In addition to this, you will have more resistance and even a better physical appearance. The results will be noticed before the first month of consumption.

steroids before and after

The function of the drug in the body is clear: to make the muscles grow quickly and strengthen the strength of the body. This happens because the amount of testosterone is increased by multiplying the presence of this substance in the body. This male hormone promotes muscle growth, strength gain, and increased sexual desire.

Benefits of Dianabol

Not all the effects of Dianabol are bad as you may have noticed, there are many advantages you can benefit from.

• Increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. This means that there will be much more muscle.

• Boost nitrogen retention so muscles are better and recovery is faster.

• Optimizes the body’s recovery in order to train more often and without problems. Say goodbye to those long periods of recovery.

• Improves metabolic activity so you can consume more food without the risk of producing fat.

• Increases the production of red blood cells so that the body adapts more quickly to strength training sessions.

• Stimulates the loss of fat so that the muscles are pure and greater toning is achieved.

• Develops glycogenolysis, that is, promotes the release of glucose to achieve rapid explosions of force.

• Makes strength levels grow so you can gain more weight.

Dianabol dosage

Ineffectiveness, Dianabol is usually compared to other strong steroids such as testosterone and Anadrol 50. A daily dose of four to five tablets (20 to 25mg) is enough to give almost any dramatic result. Therefore, to be able to withstand oral administration, this compound is alkylated c17 alpha, which helps to protect the drug from being deactivated by the liver.

Even so, prolonged exposure can result in actual damage related to the development of some types of cancer. So try to keep doses in very short periods of time.

The users that consume Dianabol have the option of not consuming a complete tablet in the day but they can be dividing it. Although this depends on what the doctor says. Another useful tip regarding dosage is to take the tablets early in the day or before training so that its effect is improved.

Clinical studies point out that the benefits of this anabolic steroid reach its peak with doses of between 30 to 70 mg. If more than this amount is taken, significant adverse effects may be noted.

If you want to see results more quickly, you can consult with your doctor or trainer to allow you to ingest three tablets a day so that you begin to develop muscles immediately.

Finally, once you start taking a Dianabol dosage you should prolong your consumption for 50 days without interruptions, then it is necessary to stop your intake for 10 days of rest to interrupt the adaptation of the body to your consumption. After this break, you can restart the treatment.

Dianabol is a supplement manufactured with the objective that muscle tissue retains more nitrogen, essential component to build protein and promote muscle growth. With this process, the muscles are repaired and the metabolism is accelerated and you get the desired results in your body.

Although some side effects have been discovered, new presentations show that problems are a thing of the past and you can consume them responsibly without taking any risks.

If you feel you are stuck in the gym and that your muscle mass does not grow even though you go every day to lift weights you can trust Dianabol. As long as you maintain good habits of exercise and diet, you will surely start to see the excellent results.

It is an excellent anabolic steroid that is characterized by fulfilling what it promises. You will not regret trying it! Go ahead!

You should buy Dianabol only from trusted sources

buy dianabol

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