Is Clomid the most popular PCT steroid or not

Clomid is most commonly used for treating male and female patients who suffer from infertility. For women users, it actually stimulates the production of hormones which are responsible for growing and releasing eggs. That process is called ovulation. If you are a woman who suffers from a condition with your pituitary gland, Clomid might not be prescribed to you. Clomid is an anabolic steroid which means that you will take it by mouth. You will, of course, get specific guidelines from your health specialist about the usage and doses. Prolonged cycles are not advised, and the top number of cycles is six. For the best chance of actually getting pregnant, you will need to do ovulation tests and monitor your core body temperature constantly. Before you start utilizing Clomid, you are advised to talk with your doctor because there is a number of situations where things could go wrong. In case you are allergic to something you need to say that because there is a possibility that some of the inactive ingredients might be in the Clomid. Your medical history should also not be a secret and you need to report if you previously suffered from ovarian cysts, bleeding from the vagina (not a menstrual cycle), tumors on the brain, liver problems, fat tissue problems, etc. What is more, the utilization of Clomid may lead to triplets or even quadruplets and because of that you also might want to speak with your health specialist. In case of pregnancy, you need to stop the usage immediately due to trying to avoid possible consequences that the unborn baby may suffer from. In the following text, learn more about Clomid for men.

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Clomid for men

When it comes to Clomid for men, here are the benefits. Hormones that are responsible for fertility are being stimulated and the amount is increased. Luteinizing hormone is the one responsible for releasing testosterone in men. Another hormone that is also affected by Clomid is a follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH for short. It is responsible for the first stages of sperm production. With amounts of this hormone being increased, you are simultaneously increasing the amounts of testosterone in your body which can lead to good results even for bodybuilders. There are no proven studies that can show whether Clomid for men will work and increase the sperm count or not. Sperm motility, on the other hand, has been improved with treatment. Motility is a term that describes the sperm‘s movement towards the egg. There are some cases where men were diagnosed with a lower number of total sperm but in those cases, the doses were too high. Due to Clomid not being approved by the food and drug administration, there is not a standard or „best“ dose. However, doses from 12,5 – 400 mg a day have been working just fine. In general, to improve fertility, you can stick with around 50 milligrams per day. When it comes to the length of use, there is not an agreed time. These theories are all unproven so you depend on your doctors’ judgment. In the following paragraph, you will learn more about possible side effects that may happen during the utilization of these steroids.

Clomid side effects

Before we start to talk about the Clomid side effects, you need to realize that your health specialist always judges whether if it’s better to use the medicine or will the side effects be too harsh. If you end up getting a treatment, you need to know that it is for your best even with some mild abnormalities. For instance, you may experience dizziness, headaches, breast tenderness, feeling of bloating and stomach problems. In the beginning, these Clomid side effects are nothing to worry about but if they do not stop or get worse you are advised to seek medical advice. There are more serious symptoms that you will need to report immediately. Unusual vaginal bleeding and mood swings are some of them. In these cases, you need to rush to your health specialist for further instructions. There is also a possibility of vision changes that can happen if you are exposed to too bright light. This should go away after the treatment is over but there have been cases where this has become permanent. That is the reason why you have to report any changes that happen with your vision or eyes for that matter. OHSS is a condition that is known to be a threat. The condition includes heart area, chest and stomach build up from fluids. Symptoms for this condition are an abnormal heartbeat, chest problems, swelling of the legs, short breath, nausea, fast weight gains and swelling of the abdomen area. If you are worried about allergic reactions, you will be delighted to know that they are rare. In case of these symptoms, you need to seek immediate medical attention:

• Trouble when breathing Dizziness (severe)
• Swelling of the face tongue and throat
• Rash

This is, of course, not a full list of possible Clomid side effects so you should do a bit more research on this topic. As with all anabolic steroids, you just can’t be sure what is going to appear. In the last paragraph, we will tell you something about anabolic steroids for sale and how to buy steroids.

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clomid for sale

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