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  1. In general
  2. Natural Occurrence of Methandienone
  3. Risk factors of Methandienone
  4. Dosage of Methandienone
  5. Post cycle therapy and its importance
  6. Appropriate age of use
  7. Debate of reduction in size after steroids
  8. Is Methandienone banned
  9. Where to buy Methandienone

In general

The popularity of Methandienone is known by everyone. It is an oral as well as injected steroid that helps to gain excessive muscle tissues in no time. It catalysis the process of muscle development and generate results in no time. However, it is always recommended that Methandienone is not alone going to work. A complete dietary pattern with a workout regime produces the required results. Therefore, the body-builders and athletes are the fans of this steroid despite the fact it a non-medical steroid. Let’s move towards its origin and why it becomes a magical substance for workout lovers?

Natural occurrence of Methandienone

Originally Methandienone is a naturally occurring substance mainly found in the ovary, testis, and adrenal gland. The principle formula of its artificial synthesis is the same as male testosterone. Above all, athletes choose this as one of anabolic steroids because of the weight gain that occurs together with increased muscle dimensions and total body potassium. Due to its use, the strength and performance while working out is increasing over each period of training. Hence, gaining these desired factors without Methandienone requires great efforts and time.

Risk factors of Methandienone

Besides Methandienone productive results, some common question arises to its profile. There is a doubt renders in the minds whether is it safe to take these anabolic steroids. Well, we can’t deny the side effects. It might develop disorders if intake is not in moderate amount. However acute poisoning is not much harmful but chronic poisoning shows dangerous effect. The risks include

  • premature cardiovascular disease
  • prostatic hypertrophy and impotence in men
  • menstrual irregularities and infertility in women with liver damages
  • Psychiatric changes are also seen during and after using these steroids.

Dosage of Dianabol

Methandienone is also known as Dianabol. There are certain cycles of this drug intake which determine its results, side effects, and dosage. Most commonly repeated cycles include the daily dosage of Dianabol to increase the concentration of blood while a daily workout regime. It will help in gaining muscle and strength in less time. Also to avoid the stomach problems it’s splitting of the dose is also preferred in a day around a meal. Usually, to novices, the 30-50mg tablet is advised for 4 -6 weeks. The progress starts showing during this interval. But some experienced bodybuilders take it from 80-100mg tablet to break the plateau off.

Post cycle therapy and its importance

With all the discussion from its introduction to its effects, the most important element of this process is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). This therapy is used to restore the original level of hormones that has aggravated while the intake of Methandienone or any other anabolic steroids. It is necessary to take this therapy because our body is a machine and dependent on vital natural substances. It is responsible to produce hormones naturally and can work efficiently in the long term only with natural productions. This natural cycle of production is interrupted by the oral as well as injected intake of anabolic steroid. In the purpose of regaining back the natural hormone, production level PCT helps in stimulating the amount of hormone needed for the body. These steroids are not for long term usage. Getting the required results these short term steroid intake methods needs to drop to survive a healthy life. Thus, PCT plays a great role especially in men to regain the suppressive testosterone level back.

Appropriate age of use

Regardless of all its effects and side effects, there must be some proper age at which it appropriate to buy steroids. Therefore artificial steroids are recommended at the age of 25. There are some hard gainers that work against their gene to gain muscle and they are most likely to adopt the synthesized steroids at an early age. But the alternative is to opt some natural steroids having the same chemical and compound formula. These natural anabolic supplements contain, multivitamin, proteins, and plant extracts. The precaution from artificial steroids should be taken to avoid health issues in early age.

Debate of reduction in size after steroids

In stating all the conceptions about Methandienone a common proposition is the reduction of muscle size after ending the intake. So, it’s a commonly asked and it’s true that the muscle size does decrease. The normal level of testosterone does not acquire the property to maintain the giant size muscle thus leading to the drop in the size. There are certainly other factors that determine the level of muscle retain. It includes nutrition, training, and how fast the level of testosterone restores their original natural level. Furthermore, users tend to seek some healthy alternatives of steroids to avoid health depletion but to gain weight. The option is always to buy steroids produced following the natural chemical formula of testosterone. It will not affect the liver as the other excessive use of steroids and the blood production level will not be affected.

Is Methandienone banned?

Furthermore, the Government strict policies state these drugs used as carcinogenic and above all, they are used non-medically. Health Departments consider every pro and con while allowing a certain drug and these steroids reside under the banner of the ban. The main reason for this ban is its chemical composition. Let’s dive into one of the reasons of harm. What it does is it converts the production of testosterone into the estrogen which results in the male breast enlargement. It highly affects the male breast sensitivity and to reduce the pain surgeries are methods to remove the mammary glands and control pain. It also contributes to lowering of water level in the body and causing stress to the heart and other vital organs. As previously stated Methandienone peaks the concentration of blood level for the efficient workout it also aids to the high blood pressure to the users having a history of this disease. These side effects are fairly enough to ban anabolic steroids which keep the life of the user at stake. But it can’t be denied that their production is stopped. Many pharmaceutical companies aren’t producing them but there are some underground lab exists and responsible for its supply to the users illegally. The ban is present within USA as they are very strict towards anabolic steroids. Canada and Australia are in the same category. Their laws are very harsh, and they are trying to fight against steroids such as Methandienone. Luckily for us, there are anabolic steroids around every corner.

Where to buy Methandienone

If you got intrigued by the product itself, you will most likely start searching for a place that has Methandienone. There are few options of how you can purchase them but the most secured and used method is to buy steroids over the internet. One key advantage of it is that you are not asked for a prescription. Within few minutes and within few clicks you are already one step from having them. Due to a bad reputation of black market you may feel unease to buy steroids online but do not worry. There are websites such as Anabolic Steroid Online which products have verification codes written on them. What is the code used for? By visiting pharmacy’s website of purchased product and writing it down in their authentication checker you will then see whether your product is authentic or not. The answer will be yes as they have products of the highest quality available.

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